Looking to meet other senior lesbians but not quite sure where to begin your search?

It can be difficult to tell in our day-to-day lives which people we meet might be single, lesbian and looking for someone special.

That’s where Ourtime comes in. We help mature lesbian women across the UK to find someone to share life’s magical moments with.

Ready to start your dating journey and connect with other serious singles? Read on to find out more about how you can meet like-minded women on Ourtime.

How to Meet Senior Lesbians

There’s never been a better time to be 50+ and looking for friendship and maybe more online. A whopping 36% of British singles over 50 have already used online dating, so you’re in good company. 11.6 million singles in the UK are over 50, too, so there are plenty of women out there who might just be perfect for you.

Being 50+ means that you’re confident in yourself and can say proudly who you are and what it is that you’re looking for. You’re ready to find a meaningful connection with someone fun (and probably have a few great ideas up your sleeve already for when it comes time to meet in real life! Perhaps a riverside meal or a local concert?).

On Ourtime, any serious singles over 50 can share their profile. In order to look for other senior lesbians on the site, we’ve set up our handy criteria search tool. With this tool, you can enter your preferences and interests, and we’ll show you profiles that match them. Maybe you’d prefer women who are foodies like yourself or want someone who shares your passion for travel and will have her passport at the ready. Whoever you’re looking for, the criteria search will help you to find her.

Alternatively, you can browse profiles for local ladies more generally, or we can present profiles to you for women who we think might be just your cup of tea based on the interests you’ve shared with us.

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Getting to Know Other Mature Lesbian Women

So, you’ve found profiles for mature lesbian women who you’d like to get to know and are ready to strike up a conversation. Here’s how you can do that on the Ourtime app:

  1. Like her profile: Clicking “like” is a subtle way of letting her know that you’re interested. Once someone’s clicked “like” on your profile, you’ll have the chance to either open up a conversation or politely decline if you’d prefer not to speak – you’re always in control of your own dating journey.
  2. Send her an email or an instant message: Start talking via text on Ourtime without needing to share your phone number or other personal details before you’re ready. This is the time to introduce yourself, share a little about your interests and also hopefully find out more about hers. Perhaps you’ll find that you’ve already got plenty in common with one another or that she’s got different interests that maybe you can share together in the future.
  3. Have a video conversation: So, you’re enjoying getting to know one another and would like to continue chatting (without needing to type) before planning any face to face meetings. Why not take part in a secure in-app video conversation? Not only do these make it a little easier to talk, but having video allows you to show one another the interests you’ve been speaking about. Maybe you’re a champion gardener and you want to show off your hydrangeas, or it’s high time you introduced your beloved cat. Video conversation is here to help!
  4. Meet in real life: When you both feel ready to spend quality time together in person, you can use your conversations in the app to arrange a meeting. If you’d feel more comfortable, you might want to invite her along to an Ourtime event. At these events, we’ll handle all the organisation so that you can just focus on having fun. Take part in everything from wine tasting with an expert to a food tour of your local area, all alongside other interesting singles. You might also want to come along to a few of our virtual events for a brainteaser quiz or a live coaching session from a resident dating whiz.
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Creating Your Dating Profiles As UK Mature Lesbians

An important part of your search for other UK mature lesbians is getting your profile set up, but this doesn’t need to be stressful. It’s free on Ourtime to register and create your profile, and it is a speedy and simple process.

  • Share your interests: We’ll ask you a few quick questions about yourself and what you’re looking for. These will help us to make sure that your profile is viewed by the right ladies and that you can browse the profiles of women who we think will suit you well.
  • Write a few lines: Write a little to introduce yourself. This doesn’t need to be too lengthy, although it’s always good to include some detail. No pressure – just be yourself and talk about your passions. You may also want to add a joke or two to keep things lighthearted.
  • Add your snaps: Upload a couple of photos of yourself to complete your profile. Ideally, it’s best to opt for pics that are clear, in focus and feature a recent image of you. Give us your best smile and try to include at least one picture that’s just of yourself, as opposed to a crowd shot.
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Ready to Meet Mature Lesbian Ladies?

If you’re all set to begin your dating journey and meet other mature lesbian ladies, click the “register” button at the top of the screen. You can sign up and make your profile today without needing to enter any financial details.

Most importantly, have fun – you’re young at heart and in the prime of your life, so now’s the perfect time to get out there and meet someone to brighten up your days!