Looking for mature gay men in your area? Want to find someone to share special moments with? We’ve compiled a handy guide to gay dating for older men. Read on!

Where To Meet Singles For Mature Gay Dating

The over-50s are a great time to be dating. You know what you want from life, what you like (and don’t like) in a partner, and you’re ready for an adventure with someone special. The best is yet to come!

But where do you find like-minded 50+ men? Mature gay dating apps such as Ourtime can be just the ticket. After all, while getting to know people who you happen to meet in your day to day life can be a lot of fun, it can also be hard to tell who is single and looking for a meaningful connection as opposed to something more fleeting.

With Ourtime, you can be confident that you’re seeing profiles from genuine independent men who are also looking for someone to share life’s magical moments with.

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What To Expect From Gay Dating For Older Men at Ourtime

So how does gay dating for older men work on Ourtime?:

  1. First, you register for free and create a profile as well as noting down your interests.
  2. Next, you’ll have the chance to browse the profiles of plenty of other mature gay men.
  3. When you find someone who you’re interested in learning more about, you can like their profile to let them know that you’d like to have a conversation.
  4. If the feeling’s mutual, you can start talking. This could be by instant message, over email, or, once you’ve got to know each other a little more, via a video conversation.
  5. Once you’ve had the chance to safely talk to one another using the app, if you’re feeling ready, you can arrange to meet face-to-face. Maybe you’d like to attend a mutual interest together, or enjoy a simple stroll through your local area. Either way, we hope the sparks soon start to fly.
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How Can I Find Mature Gay Independent Men on Ourtime?

Ourtime is a dating site that welcomes any singles over 50 that are looking for someone special to share life with. Whether gay, straight, religious or not, and from whatever cultural background, we’re excited to help people begin their dating journey.

Because there’s such a brilliant range of interesting men using Ourtime, it’s important to include your interests and search criteria in your profile. That way, other like-minded gay singles will have an easier time finding you.

When you’re ready to look for profiles for other mature gay people, there’s a few different options to choose from.

Use criteria search to find profiles from people who like the same things as you. Maybe you’re looking for a man who’s local to you and shares your favourite hobby. Enter these criteria to see a list of profiles from singles who may be just your cup of tea.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer, you can browse a list of 100 different profiles every day using Blender. We’ll also suggest profiles that are tailored to your interests, so if you’re looking for someone who shares a passion for the Beautiful Game or you’d like someone to dance the night away with, we can help to simplify your search.

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How To Write Mature Gay Men’s Dating Profiles

Ready to write your profile? It’s your time to shine.

Here’s some handy tips for how to get your profile up and running:

  • Complete each section – Filling out a profile doesn’t need to be a lengthy experience, but be sure to complete each section of the profile. As we mentioned earlier, detailing your interests and what you’re looking for in that special someone can make all the difference. You’ll also want to include your first name.
  • Pick your pics – Opt for photos that are recent, show you clearly and are non-blurry. Try to avoid just going for group shots by including at least one picture just of you, so that interested singles can tell you from the crowd. A picture that shows your lovely smile and personality is always a winner, too!
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What If I Need Support On My Mature Gay Dating Journey?

If you’re needing a little support during your Ourtime journey, you can reach out to our Customer Care team with just a couple of clicks, and they’ll be happy to help. We also have a virtual coach who can offer you top tips on things like setting up your profile. If you’d like some guidance on dating as a 50+ single, you can attend a virtual dating advice session or read one of the many dating advice articles available on the Ourtime website.

Meeting face-to-face can sometimes feel a little daunting, which is why we’ve created our fun events and activities to give you the chance to meet like-minded singles in a relaxed setting. This can also be a great way to get to know someone you’ve already been talking with through the app – see more of their personality and perhaps start developing that all-important meaningful connection by spending some quality time together.

Opt for anything from a delicious dinner to a workshop or even weekend trips away as a chance to have fun and build new memories with someone you’re interested in, without feeling any pressure to rush into anything before you’re ready. If it would make you feel more comfortable, you’ll also have the opportunity to invite up to 3 friends with you to Ourtime Activities through the app.

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Ready To Start The Search For Your Partner-In-Crime?

If you’re raring to go and discover serious singles in your area, register today to begin searching for that special someone to share life with. After all, in the UK there are a whopping 11.6 million singles over 50, so there’s never been a better time to be a mature single in search of friendship and maybe more. Have fun browsing our profiles for young-at-heart gay men such as yourself, and happy dating!