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Mature LGBTQ+ Dating in Cheshire

With the ever-successful Pride in the Past exhibition during Chester Pride unveiling and uncovering nearly 2,000 years of LGBTQ+ history (from Romans to today), there’s no time like the present to live openly and authentically in Cheshire.

Coming out or discovering your sexuality at an older age can be a daunting prospect, but there are plenty of resources for people looking to start LGBTQ+ mature dating in Cheshire. The Silver Rainbows network provides events (not just dating) for LGBTQ+ people aged 50 and over in Cheshire looking to connect with like-minded people.

Nowadays, there are all kinds of help and support for mature LGBTQ+ people around the UK, so take the time to get to know yourself – if you haven’t yet – and enjoy your dating experience! For now, here are some dating ideas (LGBTQ+ or not) in and around Cheshire curated just for you…

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Dating Ideas in and Around Cheshire

  • Get spooked at Crewe Lyceum Theatre

Enjoy the Edwardian architecture before watching a show together. The theatre is a date night classic – a bit more cultured than the cinema and more comfortable too. There are rumours that the theatre is haunted, so if you’re up for a bit of a spook, go for a ghost tour.

  • Visit Catalyst and discover some chemistry

If you’re interested in science, look no further than Catalyst. Whether you want to get your hands dirty with the try-it-yourself experiments or see a show in the Alchemy Theatre, there’s something here for you. Who says that mature dating in Cheshire can’t be fun? Located in Widnes, perhaps studying chemistry will help you create some of your own…

  • Take in the views Mow Cop Castle

Built in 1754, Mow Cop Castle is visible for miles around the Staffordshire moors and the Cheshire Plain. For a great date, we’d recommend taking a picnic (complete with a bit of bubbly, of course) and some sketch pads and attempting to draw the folly itself! You can compare your drawing skills afterwards and settle in to soak up the natural beauty of Cheshire.

  • Float down the River Dee

Step into a paddle boat and hope the weather holds up! The River Dee is over 70 miles long and goes from Cheshire to Wales. If you’re not up for paddling and having a conversation at the same time, there are the Groves to stroll down hand in hand for a wonderful day out together.

  • Taste the Mediterranean at Romazzino

Sardinian for rosemary, this Italian restaurant in Alsager provides authentic cuisine and a relaxed atmosphere. With dishes ranging from Orata to vegan pizza, there’s really something for everyone here. There are also great cocktails and even some locally sourced cheeses to enjoy together on a platter.

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