Chocolates and flowers are always nice. But this year, why not give your Mum what she really wants – the chance to meet real, like-minded singles over 50 on Ourtime. We’re offering a special 14-day FREE TRIAL* for Mother’s Day to help you both see what online dating is all about – and get her started on her search for someone special.

It’s easy to claim the 14 day FREE trial*, just click on the link below that applies to you:

Tip 1: What’s to lose?

You owe everything to your Mum. But now it’s for you to help her. Getting started with online dating can seem daunting – especially if you’ve never tried it before. So help her take the first step. The biggest hurdle is creating a profile. Once she’s past that she’ll be away. The most important message is that she has nothing to lose by giving online dating a try.

Tip 2: Online dating is perfect for over 50s

Your Mum might think online dating is for kids. But actually it’s very popular for the over 50s – and growing all the time. Why? Because it makes it easy to search for people with similar interests, find someone near you and chat before you meet in real life.

Tip 3: Find the site for you

Ourtime is designed specifically for over 50s. It’s full of genuine like-minded singles ready to bond over shared interests. With almost 500,000 members, it’s the perfect place to get started.

We have a huge Dating Advice & Tips section, and a committed Customer Care team on hand 24/7.

Tip 4: Picture perfect

Profiles with photos receive 15 times as many messages as profiles without. But choosing the right photo is key:

  • Use a headshot for your profile photo. Pick one in good lighting, and make sure you’re looking happy and relaxed. A splash of colour also helps
  • Add a photo of you doing something you love: it says a lot about who you are
  • A full-length photo is also a good idea

Tip 5: Profile

The ideal profile is brief (3-4 paragraphs), upbeat and light-hearted. It’s a chance to introduce yourself, not only describing your character but showing it through your choice of words, or a touch of humour can go a long way!

Over 50s value authenticity, so be proud to share your true passions or hobbies. Encourage your Mum to mention activities she could share with someone else to create a perfect date opportunity.

Tip 6: Searching for matches

On Ourtime, there are two ways to search for matches:

1. Search

Your Mum chooses the type of person she’d like to meet, by selecting different criteria including Looks, Personal Life, Work Life, Personal Life, Background, Values and more.

Our search tips:

  • Don’t treat the Search section as a challenge to build the ideal person. Set any deal-breakers (like location, smoking or children) and keep an open mind about everything else
  • You don’t have to fill out every section. If their taste in movies doesn’t matter to you, feel free to skip it
  • Don’t be too fussy about height! Remember, Tom Hardy is only 5’ 9”!

2. Blender

Blender is quick-fire online dating fun. Your Mum will see up to 100 people a day based on her preferences, and all she has to do is choose Yes or No. If it’s a Yes, we’ll add them to her Favourites list.

Blender also helps us work out who your Mum is really looking for. We show matches based on profiles we think might catch her attention. Over time this allows Ourtime to build an amazingly accurate picture of her ideal match.

Tip 7: Sending the right message

This is where the magic happens. Believe it or not, daters over 50 are more confident texting and messaging than those in their 30s, which makes online chatting the perfect way to get to know someone.

Our messaging tips:

  • Don’t feel offended by a very brief first message, like “Hi” or “How are you?” If your Mum sends a brief reply, the second message she gets will probably be much more chatty
  • Ask questions or mention things from the other person’s profile to show you’re interested in them
  • Message through Ourtime until you’ve met in person. (See “Date Safely”, below)

Tip 8: First date

The perfect first date lasts around 90 minutes. Have a low-key chat over a cuppa, then do lunch or dinner next time if you’ve both felt the spark.

  • First dates should always be in a public place, with lots of other people around. (See “Date Safely”)
  • Remind your Mum her date could be nervous, so forgive them if they talk too much or knock over the coffee!
  • There’s no right or wrong rule on who pays for the bill. If he offers, accept graciously: she can pay next time!

Tip 9: Date safely

Most people using online dating are genuine and serious about finding love. However, if you or your Mum are nervous about staying safe online, just follow these simple tips:

  • Trust your instincts. If someone’s behaviour or profile doesn’t seem right, use our “REPORT A CONCERN” button to flag it up to our Moderators
  • Keep communication on the site until you’ve met in person. Don’t give away your personal contact details
  • Always meet in a public place, and tell other people where you’re going. Take your phone with you, ensure you can make your own way home, and never leave your drink unattended

For more tips and advice, visit the Online Dating Association’s helpful website here.

Tip 10: Supporting your Mum on her dating journey

The best way you can support your Mum is to be with her through dating’s ups and downs. Be on the end of the phone to celebrate a good date, or lift her spirits if things don’t go to plan.

Other ways you can help:

  • Ring or text her when she’s on a date to check she’s OK
  • Help her pick out her date outfits, or go shopping together
  • Help her with date and messaging etiquette. (We teamed up with Debrett’s to make a guide to dating etiquette for the over 50s. Download it here)
  • Be friendly and welcoming to new partners when she introduces you

We hope these tips help you get your Mum on the road to finding someone she can share life’s little joys with. Happy Dating!

Help her to register today to start her dating journey! She can also see our dating advice hub for more expert guidance.

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