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Online dating as a mature person can be a little intimidating. You might have never tried to use an app or online dating site before, or you might be new to the dating game (forgive the phrase) an old pro, but that doesn’t always mean you know how to find real people who are great for you.

Luckily for you, Ourtime is here to help! We have thousands of members who are single and over 50 looking for something real, tangible and maybe even love. We’re here to provide dating advice as well as our app and site to give you support all the way through your mature dating journey.

Meet like-minded mature singles based near you who aren’t just looking for fun – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any along the way 😉

Why should I choose Ourtime for my mature dating site?

Here at Ourtime, we’re not trying to push you into online dating but we are offering help and guidance if you’d like to try it out. Some mature dating sites can promise the world and you end up disappointed when you don’t meet someone right away. We say don’t worry about all that! Take your time and have fun with your dating life, it’s not a burden to be alone but a joy to share your life with someone else when the time is right.

Whether you’ve just got divorced, just come out or are just looking out of curiosity, Ourtime has special features (and special members) to help you meet someone real and go on some actually good dates too. With features like our wide visibility, which means after you sign up and create your profile you can see a wealth of people based near you. We all know that more visibility = more matches! We also have our video call feature, that means you can spend quality time talking to someone before or after you meet in person and really get to know the person on the other side of the phone or online. If video calling isn’t your thing, we also have an instant chat feature that can help you to get to know someone better. We’ll only suggest profiles to you that have something in common with you, so there will be no shortage of conversation (we hope).

Lastly, our favourite new feature is Julia, your virtual assistant. She can help you from the very start of your dating journey with advice and tips on how to use Ourtime to your advantage. She can also offer you some personalised profile suggestions and first message hints, dating tips and even more. She is here to help (and save you a little time), just like us!

The best part? It’s free to sign up to Ourtime and become a member of our community of senior singles. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for love or just someone to make you laugh, we can help you find a person who is really great for you.

How to start dating if you’re mature and gay

If you’ve just come out to everyone and are looking for someone special or if you’ve dated other men for years, Ourtime can help you find matches near you – ones you actually want to date, too. Today, you are twice as likely to find that special someone on the internet as in real life[1]. Some people might think that it’s a shame we don’t meet from looking at each other longingly from across the bar, but we disagree. Meeting someone and knowing that they are single (or polyamorous) and ready for something with someone really great (you), is much easier than waiting around for that cute guy to actually bother texting back. So don’t hesitate to sign up to Ourtime and let’s get the romance started!

Register for free, it’s easy we promise. All you need is to enter your name, answer a few questions about your interests and tell us what kind of guy you’re looking for. Choose a recent photograph or two of you smiling and being your beautiful self. Craft a short and genuine description of yourself — and that’s it. You’re now free to browse through the single profiles we selected for you and get ready to share the love on our app or our site! Spotted someone cute? Polish your conversations starters and dive in the instant online dating chat. Take time to discover your potential matches more in depth. You may find a special date right there for you! And do not worry about fakers. Ourtime’s top priority is to verify each profile and make sure they’re real. Last but not least, your personal data remains confidential and you decide what information you want to share with whom.

Gay senior dating isn’t just about online love and messages behind your screen. Eventually, you also have to meet in person.

[1] Source: Kantar TNS 2017

Online dating as a mature lesbian

Using an online dating site as a mature lesbian can be great! With so many profiles to look at and so little time, you can use our filters to find a person who really suits you. After 50, we all still expect love to make you dream, light your fire and make you feel alive, but you also know that what really matters is what you share. Your shared interests, your similar experiences, your same outlook on life: this is what it takes to ignite your fire! What brings you together is the first shared memory or experience that will form the basis of your future relationship. From there, you can build everything else: shared moments, intimacy and love.

As much as fantasies are fun, it’s important that you remember the illusion of a perfect sapphic love isn’t without challenges. Other mature dating apps might claim to be able to find you someone ‘ideal’ to date, but it’s not secret we are all working on ourselves still (hopefully).

Here at Ourtime, we prepare a customised selection of detailed and compatible profiles of mature single lesbians just for you that matches your criteria. We can offer all the people we think would be a great match for you, then the rest is up to you. When you find someone you’d like to get to know better, it’s time to go on a real date. Luckily for you, we have a few quick tips for a magical first date with a lovely lady:

  • Do an activity together
  • Try not to put too much pressure on yourself (or the date)
  • Prepare a little

If that’s not enough, Ourtime organises locally a wide array of themed activities and events throughout the UK where you can meet other members. If you don’t have an official date, don’t worry! Going out is also a great opportunity for you to meet your sweetheart amongst single mature lesbians! Love can be found anywhere, at a restaurant table, in an art house or on a yoga mat!

Coming out and getting online

If you’ve recently come out, dating isn’t always your first priority. But if you’re ready as a queer person to put yourself out there, Ourtime is happy to help our mature LGBTQ+ people find someone really special – after all, it’s what you deserve!

Being older and coming out as gender non-conforming or transgender is scary enough, so let us do the heavy lifting. Our online dating site for seniors is here for everyone and we can send over profiles of people who we think would suit you best.

Looking for something specific in a partner? Just use our filters to get to the nitty-gritty of what’s important to you and you’ll only get offered the profiles of people who fit your criteria. Ourtime is also committed to being a judgement-free safe space for everyone to date. Unfortunately, transphobia is still a reality for lots of people and if you experience transphobia on our app or site, just use our report button to it to us and we will make sure that it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

If you’re looking for love with the opposite gender

Let’s not forget about the straights! Being a senior single can be fun no matter what your orientation or gender identity. After a certain age, finding someone based near you can become more and more difficult. Sometimes it seems like everyone has one but you – but that’s not true!

If you’re looking for a single man near you, using our dating site for seniors can help you find people to connect with and who you really like – all for free! We have profiles of people from all walks of life, so sign up and find someone who you can really have fun with, after all, having fun is what senior dating is all about.

For the men looking for senior ladies, we can help with that too. Using our app or senior dating site, we can show you users based near you to start matching with. Sign up today to find someone really special who you can fall head over heels with – or just enjoy a few dates together. Whatever you’re looking for, Ourtime is here to help you meet someone who is best matched to you.

For the singles among us who have recently separated…

Going back into the dating world can be frightening following a divorce. It may be the case that you feel betrayed and are struggling with letting yourself trust others. Regardless of the circumstances, going through a divorce is an extremely difficult process. Even if your relationship ends amicably, the breakout can still take a huge emotional toll.

Ourtime understands that singles who have been through a difficult period need some time to get back on their feet. Whilst divorced singles may feel that dating isn’t what they want right now, we respect that. We aren’t trying to drag you in to a date when you’re not ready! Here at Ourtime, we view divorce as the start of a new beginning. Our divorced dating site is designed to help you slowly reintroduce yourself to the dating world. Whether it’s through our useful tips and advice section that can help you navigate your way through the first few dating opportunities that come your way or through our outstanding customer service team that will answer any additional queries you might have, Ourtime is committed to helping you find a fresh start.

Everybody needs a second (or third, we don’t judge) chance, and we think Ourtime could be yours. Register for free today and start browsing through the profiles of divorced singles near you!

What makes Ourtime different to other mature dating sites?

At Ourtime, we specialise in bringing together like-minded singles over 50 because we know that mature dating is a special and unique experience.

Unlike other dating sites where members simply aren’t looking for the same kind of relationship you are, at Ourtime we ensure that all of our members are already interested in mature dating.

That means that with just a few clicks you can start chatting to other eligible singles on the dating scene and start setting up your own dates! There are over 190,000 singles over 50 dating on Ourtime, and we’re here to help every step of your dating journey with expert advice and tips.

We also organise exclusive events & activities for singles to get to know each other in person in a friendly and relaxed environment – you can even bring along your own friends. We’re committed to introducing you to the right singles looking for love, in-person or online, so begin your dating journey today with Ourtime today!

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