Are you a solo traveller looking for a fellow explorer to share your wanderlust? Or perhaps, you simply crave a getaway with a like-minded sweetheart? Take a departure from your regular itinerary and try a new destination. Enjoy every step of the journey with a loving senior travel companion. You’re in the right place at the right time to meet someone very special who’s also looking for a travelling companion. Dating while travelling or finding like-minded singles to share your passion. Why not? Your new adventure starts here. Get ready to fly, cruise or ride with your best match! Follow us!

Ready for a new adventure?

After a break-up, a divorce or the passing of your life partner, you may find yourself single at over 50. These events don’t spell the end of your love life: on the contrary, you are at a turning point where you can embark on a new journey with plenty of love and adventure. You can choose the one person right for you. You may be looking for a new lover or a new friend who can also be your travel companion. This is your time to enjoy your golden years. Ourtime is a friendly place to start off. Even if you’re not looking for a matching traveller, sparking connections with like-minded 50+ singles is also an option. We can definitely connect you with someone right for you who can be part of your life and your travel plans! Online dating is actually a very effective way to connect with new people and find someone who shares your passion for travelling. Once you register for free on Ourtime, you can browse though verified profiles of singles who share your interests, your mindset and your expectations. Ourtime gives you the opportunity to meet more like-minded senior singles than in your daily life. Open your mind and your heart — your new travel companion and new love may be one click away… Now it’s your time to love life together!

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Your best travel companion, the safe way

So, you’re ready to find a new companion to be part of your travel plans and maybe your life? Whether you’re looking for a new relationship or just looking for a partner to share your adventures, you’re in the right place to start your journey… Ourtime is a simple, secure and user-friendly dating website bringing together like-minded singles over 50. We match profiles to ensure you encounters that will bring lasting memories. It will only take you a couple of minutes to subscribe: enter your name, fill out our questionnaire indicating your interests and expectations, upload a nice picture and draft a short text reflecting your personality—that’s it! Ourtime will connect you with travel lovers looking for someone to share their journey. Embark on this adventure with peace of mind and an open heart. Safe matches and magical outcomes are truly our mission. Ourtime is a secure and protected website. Each profile is checked upon registration and your personal information remains confidential. Using the criteria search, feel safe to find your best matches and potentially your best travel companion. You can also whimsically browse through the singles’ profiles. Spotted someone you like? Start the conversation, exchange messages and pictures and take your time to discover each other. And if you feel that you’re really on the same page, why not consider meeting your new friend?

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Dating, loving and travelling

If you’re tired of travelling on your own and are looking for someone to share your journey, online dating is a good bet. Dating and travel? You have a winning combo, right there! You can have the opportunity to find love and live your passion at the same time… And if you’re only interested in finding a travel companion without the romance, it can work too! The main thing is to be clear and both agree on what you want to share together. Before making any travel plans, you should first date in person. Ourtime organises plenty of local themed activities for 50+ singles throughout the UK. Why not take your new companion on a date? This is your opportunity to meet them in person and check out the chemistry. It’s the best way to get to know each other before going further. If you’re completely dazzled by this new encounter, get ready to embark on a new adventure! If not, keep your heart open. Someone interested in seeing the world is also looking for their best travel companion: you!