Dating apps and sites can often feel very exclusive, excluding senior men and women in particular. Who’s to say that senior women singles aren’t also looking for love and want a meaningful relationship? That’s why unlike other dating services, Ourtime is focused on bringing together women over 50 – meaning you can spend your valuable time chatting, meeting and dating other singles who are looking for the same things as you. We also organise events for singles to give you fun and easy places to get to know each other better.

Older people – especially older women – are so excluded (arguably the most excluded demographic) when it comes to media depictions of dating and romance. Rom coms feature older men dating younger men and the age gap is never mentioned but when a film features an older woman dating anyone at all but especially a younger man it becomes the whole point of the plot and the older woman is labelled a cougar. Dating anyone of any age at any stage of life is always about connection and within context age really is just a number. We want Ourtime’s senior women to feel confident and empowered to date as a senior single, whatever the love story you’ve already been through. We have more time on our hands than we might think and we are entitled to make the best out of life for as long as possible and if romance is what we want, romance is what we’ll get regardless of our age. Yes, dating can also lead you to another journey, and why not travel?

Why is Ourtime different from other mature dating sites?

We know that dating over 50 is a different, and often new, experience for men looking for that special someone – and we believe that your online dating experience should also be unique to match your situation.
That’s why Ourtime is:

  • Exclusively for singles over 50
  • Organises events & activities to get to know other singles senior dating in person
  • Provides expert senior dating advice, every step of your dating journey
  • Uses our effective personality questionnaire to help you identify singles who share your values

Unlike other dating sites, Ourtime is focused on making mature dating easier and more effective for over 50s – so you won’t waste your time on incompatible singles who simply are not looking for the same important qualities, values or future that you are! Contrary to what society may tell us, mature men also have wants and likes and are entitled to be just as picky when dating as an older men as they were when in their 20s and 30s. The perfect woman is still out there, even if you’re experiencing a later stage of life.

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How to start mature dating on Ourtime

You’re in the right place – with lots of active singles over 50 also looking for love! Now all you need to do is follow a few simple steps to start your senior dating journey:

  1. Complete the personality questionnaire
    The first step is to complete the personality questionnaire that will highlight the essential basics about who you are, and what kind of person and relationship you’re looking for. There are no right or wrong answers! Answer the questions honestly to give yourself the best chance of meeting your perfect match…
  2. Polish your dating profile
    This is your space to shine and reveal your best side! Underline your honesty and make your profile stand out with flattering pictures which give the other singles dating more details about what you love and are interested in – then they can start conversations more easily.
  3. Message someone who catches your eye!
    As soon as you find someone who suits you, you can send over a light-hearted, short but sweet personal message to start the conversation and let the person know you are interested! Older women and even younger women are sure to want to engage with a wise, confident and appropriate man looking to date – so get on out there!
  4. …Or attend an over 50s dating event
    You can also meet other senior dating singles in a casual and friendly atmosphere through Ourtime events and activities, which are a great way to meet loads of like-minded singles in person.
  5. Talk, meet, date… and beyond!
    Things can move quickly in mature dating; from discovering in-depth single profiles, to dating, to finding your match!

We will be by your side throughout this amazing experience and provide expert dating advice and support – now, start your journey with thousands of other singles on the dating site for young people over 50!

Older men dating younger women – whether for a fling or a long term relationship – is a rather taboo and sensitive subject in society. There is often reason for this if older men are fetishing or sexualising younger women for their sexuality and physicality rather. On Match, we promote meaningful, long term relationships which sit emotional connection at their core. Love has no age limit and unlike many dating apps which promote non-serious relationships we don’t want to limit romantic relationships through any category – age or otherwise. People need connection and conversation sits at the heart of this – which is easy to have through our site and the events we share. Finding someone who is into the same things as you – whether they’re 25 or 65 – is the most important thing.

At the same time, many senior single men are looking to date for the first time in years, usually after just coming out of a long term relationship or marriage. For this reason, long term commitment may seem scary at first but there are benefits to dating older. As a senior single man looking to date other senior single women, you’ll experience conversation with someone who likely knows how you feel and has been through something similar. Mature dating has so many advantages that dating in your 20s and 30s doesn’t present and the cons of dating when younger have been erased through trial and error.

Another intimidation to online dating for older or senior single men is the fact that it’s, well, online! The last time you dated may have been in the previous century where coffee shop spontaneity was the norm. Now, there are so many dating apps and dating sites promising different types of dating experiences and relationships and it naturally will breed a lot of conversation to someone new to this world. In reality, the best dating apps, like Ourtime, won’t present confusion and are super easy to use. Using a dating app doesn’t just mean that you’re participating in hook up culture as some may believe. Ourtime eases you into the process of looking for love and matches you with like-minded women of a certain age or of an age gap if that’s what you’re looking for.

We want you to feel like a don who knows how to master the dating app world with Ourtime. A mature, suave single man who enjoys dating, knows himself and can glide through the online dating world with a sense of ease. Dating should be fun, not stressful and societal judgements on age gaps, mature dating and dating sites for seniors should be left at the door. Many say that life begins at 50 or at least the more exciting stages and we encourage that here at Ourtime. Consider dating older in life as driving a vintage car. Sure, it’s not the latest model and might not get as many ad placements or press coverage, but people still turn their heads when it drives past because they’re impressed by the car’s confidence and self-awareness. Do you see what we mean?

So whether you’re a senior dating pro or a mature silver fox using a dating app for the first time, Ourtime will support you throughout your romantic journey. Remember, registration is free. At the end of the day, we are all different but still looking for the same things in life which is a meaningful relationship with a like minded woman.

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