1. Older dating is more mature

Singles over 50 are well versed in relationships and are far more realistic about their expectations. Older singles involved in mature dating aren’t preparing to be swept off their feet and live happily ever after. From a wealth of experience, they’ve learnt that couples have their ups and downs, and are comfortable with this, rather than hankering after some fairytale notion of romantic perfection.

2. They’re independent

Older singles on the mature dating scene tend to be more emotionally confident and steady than their younger counterparts. They are typically more stable financially, have established strong bonds with friends and families, have their own interests and are not constantly trying compete with you or the rest of the world to have you by their side at all times.

3. They’re brilliant in bed

A few years extra experience means older daters know exactly how and what gets them going in the bedroom, and they aren’t afraid to give you a guided tour. Singles over 50 know that connecting physically is often a key part of relationship, and their experiences means they already know how to find out, and give you, what you need!

4. Mature dating singles are stimulating company

A man or woman embarking on a senior dating journey has met thousands more unique individuals, read, travelled, made self-discoveries and experienced more of life that their younger counterparts. This makes them fascinating company. You’ll never lack for interesting and stimulating conversation and you might just learn something too.

5. They stand on their own two feet

You can stop worrying about if your date might be overly money motivated. Most singles looking for mature dating partners will have established themselves in life and be financially solvent enough to survive and thrive on their own if they wished. This means they’re more likely to be looking for a genuine personal connection.

6. You’ll have more in common

Going on a date with a man or woman also into senior dating immediately gives you a thousand more things in common than their younger counterparts. Music, dancing, tv shows and a myriad of other priceless memories are meant to be treasured and shared with someone special, which often the younger generation simply won’t get; this naturally makes it easier to connect with an older date and get to know them meaningfully, more quickly.

7. You’re looking for the same thing

Age is just a number, and you’re never too old for love. Going on dates with singles in the mature dating environment ensures that you’re not putting in unnecessary effort into people who are ultimately looking for someone much younger than themselves to start a relationship with. Dating is all about meeting the right kind of people until you find that special spark; don’t waste time on people that’s unlikely to happen with.

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