Why would love and dating be the sole preserve of the young and beautiful? In the UK, 11.6 million singles are over 50[1] and many of them have embarked on the ‘Dating 2.0’ journey to find their soul mates, or simply a companion with whom to share their life. Falling in love after divorce, separation or bereavement can be a blessing! In fact, dating at 50+ is much more interesting than in your twenties… Ourtime is here to explain why and what to expect…

Expect experience… on both sides!

Starting a relationship or falling in love is even more pleasant after 50 than it is when you’re a youngster. Why? Because you both have experience. Your journey through life has taken you everywhere and taught you precious lessons. You know a lot about love – from its magic to its illusions – and most importantly, you’ve come to know yourself and accept who you are. It is definitely much easier for both of you to know what you like and what you expect from a new romance. Also, when you’re over 50, you do not believe in filters anymore. Honesty has become your motto—you’re not here to impress with appearances and good manners! You’re looking for love in its true colours. Your life is also certainly much more interesting and rich now! Plus, you can bring to the relationship all of your stories and life experiences… Don’t forget that your date will also be a life expert!

Date as you are!

You’re old enough to know the rules but, to be honest, you think it’s all superfluous. Focus on the essential: yourself and your date—who you both are! You think you’re not that special? Well, think again. You have your own personality and assets that make you unique. From experience, we know you should be true to yourself to find someone right for you. The golden rule for 50+ singles looking for love: date as you are! Of course, you want to make yourself look good and classy—that’s just normal! But you both know that there is absolutely no point in lying or embellishing the truth. In fact, your own truth is beautifully sufficient.

Don’t rush!

Some may have the urge to rush into things and plunge headfirst into a relationship. But winning the dating game is not a matter of time; it’s about fun and sharing. It’s important for you to feel comfortable, safe and happy with your new partner. Long term plans? You’ve done that already! Perhaps, you rushed into a marriage or you had to hurry to have kids? Now, what’s the emergency? If things have to move forward, they’ll grow organically. Take your time to discover your new lover and enjoy life together because what matters is what you share together. You don’t have to agree to anything if you don’t want to. Don’t plan for your future together straight away; take all the time you need to enjoy the present!

Expect to fall in love (or not)!

Of course, you may be ready to fall in love again. Most successful matches are a matter of compatibility—but, sometimes that’s not enough! And that’s ok—it’s all part of the dating game! At Ourtime, we’re doing our best to set you on the right track to meet your new soul mate. Love at first sight doesn’t always happen. Sometimes love grows over time. Take the relationship at your pace to see if romance blossoms and if not, that’s also fine. He or she may not be the right person for you. Or maybe you’re here for something other than falling in love. Perhaps, you’re just looking for a good companion to share some fun… and that’s it!

Expect freedom and fun!

After 50, you don’t expect to meet someone special for the exact same reasons that you do in your twenties. Marriage, kids, a successful career… you may have done all that. Freedom is one of the privileges of being over 50. You don’t want to get yourself involved in long term plans; what you want has never been more simple: enjoy life to its fullest with someone special who cares to share. At 50+, you can expect to find an equally independent companion with whom you can be carefree, have fun and share intimacy in the present! Now is your time to love life together!

[1] Source : Office for National Statistics UK