Some people find it stressful to learn how to date after a divorce at 60. Getting back into the dating world can be frightening following a breakup – especially after a divorce. Trusting someone new can be challenging and it can feel overwhelming to start looking for a potential partner again. Regardless of the circumstances, going through a divorce is an extremely difficult process. Even if your relationship ends amicably, the ending of a marriage can still take a huge emotional toll.

Ourtime understands that singles who have been through a difficult period need some time to get back on their feet. Whilst divorced singles can feel negative about the ending of their previous marriage, we view divorce as the start of a new beginning. Our divorced dating site is designed to help you slowly reintroduce yourself to the dating world. Whether it’s through our useful tips and advice section that can help you navigate your way through the first few dating opportunities that come your way or through our outstanding customer service team that will answer any additional queries you might have, Ourtime is committed to helping you find a fresh start.

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You can’t fake chemistry

You’ve spent time picking out your outfit, perfecting your makeup or fixing your hair to make it just right. You’ve practised your smile in the mirror and talked yourself through all the “How are you?” questions. There’s just one thing: you sit down at opposite the hopeful stranger and you feel… nothing!

It can hurt to not feel an instant connection with someone you had high hopes for, but if someone doesn’t find you romantically stimulating, then move on. Chemistry is a tricky beast and there’s no reason to blame yourself or try to force someone to like you, there are more people out there who you should turn your focus on – plus, you might not be relationship material, but you could always be friends.

Take your time

So, you’ve been dating for a week and you want to know everything about them – hold your horses! It’s smart to treat every phase of dating with a certain mindset. For example, in the first week you won’t know everything about someone and taking a while to get to know someone (or even a few people) before deciding if that person is worth going all in for. Take the time to browse lots of profiles, go out and meet some new people and enjoy yourself! Put the pressure off and let something real develop over time. There’s no urgency to find someone right away after a divorce at 60, meaningful things take time and it pays to appreciate and enjoy the journey.

You’re special…but not for everyone

If there’s one piece of dating advice for divorced men and women; it’s be yourself! Looking good, putting your best foot forward – on the dance floor or otherwise – and sharing interests is all well and good but there’s nothing to be gained from adding to the truth. It’s key to focus on who you both are and not be too cynical or over optimistic. Dating after a divorce is all about getting excited to meet new people, connection or not, and making yourself feel special. Self confidence shouldn’t come from outside sources, but from within. You are special and remembering that is one of the most important facts of all!

Don’t be afraid to talk about the hard stuff

Did you know that scientific research has found that men temporarily lose intelligence when they’re talking to someone they fancy? Don’t let that put you off! If you’re looking for some dating advice for divorced men and women, don’t be afraid to talk about the harder stuff. People will be naturally curious when they find out you’re divorced and being open and honest from the offset sets an excellent precedent should you go on another date.

Remember: we have plenty of advice for dating after a divorce on Ourtime

Whilst it is important to try and try and get yourself back out into the dating world after a divorce, we also believe that you should not rush into things. It’s crucial to take the necessary time to process what you’ve been through and to also consider what you want from your next partner before starting your dating journey after divorce at 60. Without time to heal and reflect, it can be difficult to know what you want once you start dating again, so figure that out and take some time to think about you.

Once some time has passed, we think that the Ourtime events and activities are a great place for divorced singles to start. These events provide a relaxed space for you and a group of other singles to spend some time getting to know one another whilst doing an activity that you have all listed as an interest on your profile. The fact that you are in a room with lots of other people makes for a really gentle re-introduction to the dating scene. This is not the intimidating one-on-one first date that you’ve been fearing! Instead of awkwardly struggling to put a sentence together, you will be able to relax knowing that everyone in the room has shared interests and will be extremely approachable. If you feel a little shy, feel free to bring a friend along to help make those first steps as easy as possible.

Have fun and happy dating!