Are you craving that incredible rush in your heart or that unexplained euphoria that makes you feel alive? True love really doesn’t discriminate based on your age! At 50+, just like at 20, you can fall in love without reservation. No matter how old you are, falling in love will always be overwhelming—a dreamlike state that envelops you when you least expect it! It’s a mystery and it takes you to places you’ve never been…Ourtime is here to give you some quick tips to increase your chances of meeting the right person and falling in love… again!

Are you ready?

After a break-up, a divorce or the passing of your life partner, you’re single after 50. You know what? This is precisely the opportunity you needed to start new beginnings and discover romance afresh. You’re probably already thinking about getting into a new relationship or maybe you’ve already embarked on the online dating adventure. Finding someone special requires the right formula, so if it hasn’t happened yet, don’t be discouraged—you’re on the right path! Before exploring the great ‘map of love’, Ourtime wants to make sure you are 100% ready for this new adventure. It’s really important to listen to yourself to figure out your expectations. Ask yourself: I’m over 50—what kind of relationship am I looking for? A true romance or a meaningful relationship? What do you bring to this relationship and what do you expect from your new partner? It’s genuinely up to you, and you alone, to decide what level of romance you’re ready to share.

Try online dating!

Online dating is going through a revolution. Everywhere you go, potential lovers are connecting with each other! In the digital age, the most effective way for singles of all ages to find a new partner is online. Did you know that one in two Brits actually knows a couple who met online[1]? So, you can dispel the stereotypical thoughts that may cross your mind about dating websites. People just like you are online right now eagerly searching for love. Overcome your fears and set your heart free. Ourtime is a simple and secure dating site for like-minded singles over 50 looking for romance. Mature singles can register to Ourtime for free and instantly get access to thousands of singles with similar interests. We’re here to help you find your best match—and that means the right person for you to share and enjoy your life. All that matters is your desire to share loving moments together. Trust the web as a real opportunity for you to find romance. Take a few minutes to register on Ourtime—it’s free—so, here’s to falling in love!

Date out!

Being completely ready for romance is a matter of self-confidence and your attitude towards life. Love smiles at those who take care of themselves! If you stay at home in your comfort zone you’ll never get a chance to meet your soulmate. You need to get out! Think about all the activities you enjoy or you’ve been wanting to try for so many years… Hiking, cooking class, wine tasting or fitness… You’re spoilt for choice to meet new people! Ourtime organises a wide range of themed activities and events for like-minded 50+ singles across the UK. Who knows? Perhaps, Cupid will fire one of his arrows in a gym, a bar or at a dinner table?

Enjoy love in the present!

Start by forgetting all about the rules, the etiquette and your assumptions…. Love after 50 is about being yourself. What does that mean when you’re past 50 and feel like you’re past it? Whether what you want is passion, companionship, sex or even a romantic relationship—just know that all this is being reinvented every day. There is no righteous path to love. Life has already taught you that it is simply a matter of living in the present and sharing delightful moments together. As you move through this adventure, learn to let romance work its magic—settle down and be yourself… Smile! Be excited by the things you love—a conversation, a fabulous outing, even a silly phone call! Dream all you want about your new future with that special someone, but maybe you’re not really into longterm plans anymore. The best thing is to enjoy each other’s presence and get the best out of each other by living in the present. So, try to keep the romance alive! For now, this is truly your time to love life together!

[1] Source: Research Now 2018