It’s common for what we find attractive to slowly change over time, all the way from teenage to senior dating. While once we might have been attracted to bands our partners loved, chiselled bodies, career ambitions or a whole host of things that seemed so important at the time, as we get older there is a definite shift in what raises our pulses. But what are the top 3 things singles on the older dating scene identify as being attractive?

1. Facial Expression

Scientific studies have shown that our brains dedicate a huge portion of their immense power to our faces. It comes as no surprise that facial expression has always been a very important part of social interaction, from the days of cavemen around a fire to mature dating in the 21st century!

Our faces frequently display a genuine emotional reaction to our situation, often in almost imperceptible ways, which make them crucial when it comes to attraction. As we grow older, we get better at reading and understanding faces, and there’s nothing more attractive that an expressive face which lights up the room or smiles at you softly.

2. Character & personality

Most of us went through a stage of obsessing over looks, whether we realised at the time or not. In hindsight, we can often see that as we progressed through our lives towards the senior dating scene, we become increasingly less interested in the bare bones physical beauty of people.

It’s somewhat cliche, but what’s on the inside is truly reflected in attractiveness. Being somewhat older and wiser, you realise that what makes you happy is based around how your date acts or does, more so than what they look like.

3. Life experiences

In contrast to your younger years, you get to see people for who they really are when you’re mature dating. Before, when you and your friends were likely busy with forging new careers, starting families or chasing wild and far flung goals, everything was in a constant state of almost constant change, in reality and ambition.

While these were admirable, often inspiring and exciting, dating someone with life experience who has transformed dreams and ambitions into reality is sexy. Actions speak louder than words, and accomplishments speak louder than ambitions when it comes to getting to really know someone.

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