Are you looking for true love or a partner in crime? Or, perhaps, hoping to find a new companion or a caring sweetheart? Hitting 50 doesn’t prevent you from bringing sunshine into your love life and finding your alter ego! You are in the right place at the right time to meet a very special woman: one right for you! Ourtime brings together like-minded mature lesbians with open hearts! Let’s get your romance started. This is your time to love!

Your romance starts online…

After a painful break-up, a series of one-night stands or heartbreaking affairs, you may find yourself single at 50+. You chose your life path but what you didn’t choose is to end love, magic and romance. And if you’re here, it’s probably because you still believe in your chances to meet your best match or someone special. And you’re right! In just 15 years, online dating has become an effective way to find true love. In fact, you’re twice as likely to find your darling one online than in real life[1]. Our passion? Bringing together like-minded sweethearts looking for love. Ourtime is a simple, secure and LGBTI-friendly dating website that helps you find singles with similar interests. The most important thing is to take your time to get to know your potential matches. If you feel good vibes from a special woman, why not continue the experience in person? Create your detailed profile and discover fascinating profiles of mature single lesbians with similar tastes and interests.

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A match made in Ourtime

At Ourtime there is something for everyone, every personality and every life experience. Discover verified profiles of like-minded women matching your criteria and your vision of the ideal partner. When it comes to finding your best match, the key is harmony between heart, body and mind. Sharing your passions and your outlook on life is the catalyst for your hearts to beat as one. The more sincere and precise you are about your tastes and your expectations, the more likely you are to find the right person for you. With thousands of single mature gay women over 50 to choose from, we’ll do our best to find the right match. It’s Ourtime mission. What now? Calm your fears and open your heart as we connect you safely to your soul mate. Our website is secure: each profile is verified by our moderators to ensure complete authenticity. Your personal information remains confidential and you can easily exclude members with whom you don’t want to chat.

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Sharing is all you need

Of course, you want everything—sunshine and storm clouds, blue sky days and endless nights! After 50, you still expect love to make you dream, light your fire and make you feel alive, but you also know that what really matters is what you share. Your shared interests, your similar experiences, your same outlook on life: this is what it takes to ignite your fire! What brings you together is the first shared memory or experience that will form the basis of your future relationship. From there, you can build everything else: shared moments, intimacy and love. You’re obviously not running after the illusion of a perfect sapphic love without challenges; you are walking towards your best match: the one woman right for you! Ourtime stays right by your side throughout your journey. We prepare a customised selection of detailed and compatible profiles of mature single lesbians just for you that matches your criteria. Then, it’s up to you to review the profiles and find the one who’ll be your soul mate!

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Date time

Think you have found a real gem? Take the lead and take her on a fun and romantic date! how about a wine tasting, a yoga class or an art show? These options sound like a better plan than the classic candlelit dinner, don’t they? Think about all the activities you both enjoy or the ones you’d like to try together… You’ve got to get moving! Ourtime organises locally a wide array of themed activities and events throughout the UK where you can meet other members. If you don’t have an official date, don’t worry! Going out is also a great opportunity for you to meet your sweetheart amongst single mature lesbians! Love can be found anywhere, at a restaurant table, in an art house or on a yoga mat! Who knows? Are you ready to find out?

[1] Source: Kantar TNS 2017