If you’re newly single, or if you’ve been on the mature dating scene for a little longer, you’re sure to have heard about online dating. More people are dating online than ever before, so it’s a fantastic place to meet new singles over 50 and hone your dating skills. Like anything new, people are often quick to make excuses about why it’s not be for them, before they’ve even given it a go. Here are the top 10 excuses to not start your older dating journey to find someone like minded, looking for love.

Excuse #1: “It’s not safe”

Naturally, dating means meeting exciting new people that you haven’t met before. Mature dating online actually lets you learn a huge amount about a person before you ever decide to meet up with them. Chatting and browsing through your potential date’s photos gives you an insight into who you’ll be meeting on a date. Like everything in life, the key is simply to be sensible and take reasonable precautions. For example: meet in a public place, don’t divulge any personal information until you want to and so on.

Excuse #2: “I meet plenty of people anyway”

Dating online doesn’t mean you’re giving on up dating in person! If anything, older dating online will help you hone your dating skills, which might be a little rusty…Chatting and meeting other over 50s dating will improve your dating skills both online and offline. The great benefit of senior dating online is that there are so many more singles over 50 looking for the same thing you are, and you’re not limited to a tiny selection of available people you might meet in person. It’s simply another way of meeting someone else looking for love.

Excuse #3 “It’s full of weirdos”

More than 7.5 million singles got involved in online dating last year. Long gone are the days where online dating was an activity for a very niche group of individuals who you might not particularly have liked to date. There are more people than ever looking for love online, and that includes people just like you! Whereas there might only be a few eligible men or women on the older dating scene that you might have mutual connections with, mature dating online will offer you a far more exciting and varied choice of individuals to get to know.

Excuse #4 “Mature dating is only for desperate people, right?”

One in five relationships in the UK now begins online; that’s two out of every ten! People turn to online dating because it works, and it works effectively to set you up with people you might want to have a relationship with, not because they’ve exhausted their other options. Over the years, it’s normal for us to form close knit connections with friends and communities as we just don’t have the time to invest our energy everywhere. However, when it comes to dating, this can be a major hurdle that senior online dating can help you leap over.

Excuse #5 “I’m too old”

Rubbish! If anything, online dating for singles over 50 is even more useful than for their younger counterparts. The dating pool at 50 amongst your friends is naturally much smaller than before the majority of people settled into longer relationships, so older dating online enables you to meet more of the people you want to meet. Discovering how to create your own profile, send messages online and select potential matches is not only hugely rewarding but it could also help you find the love of your life. Surely life’s too short to pass up an opportunity like that. No matter what your age.

Excuse #6 “There probably isn’t anyone who shares my interests”

If your interests are niche there’s even more reason to try mature dating. You’ve had time to develop your passions, and you might not meet someone who shares – or at least appreciates – your love of 18th Century Japanese Haiku down the pub, but you may well do on a senior dating site. That’s because senior online dating allows you to create a personal profile outlining your likes and lets you get specific about what you are and aren’t looking for.

Excuse #7 “You can’t trust anyone online”

Disreputable characters exist both online, and offline, but the fact that millions of couples are meeting online and falling in love is proof that, just like in real life, you simply need to make sure that you take all reasonable measures before you put your trust in someone. Basic safety tips include searching for your date’s name on the internet, searching for their picture, meeting them in person in a public place etc. before you embark on a more serious mature dating relationship. Just as you would offline, if something doesn’t feel quite right, give it a miss.

Excuse #8 “I don’t think I’m ready to start dating”

If you’re thinking about dating, you’re probably ready to start mature dating. There’s no benefit for you to wallow for too long in the past. Take stock and acknowledge of your last relationship; identify what you loved and would like more of in your next relationship and also what you didn’t particularly enjoy, and ensure you steer clear. Older dating isn’t a mad dash to the finish line of a relationship; it’s perfectly normal to start slowly, first by simply seeing how it all works and later chatting and dating. There is no pressure for you to move as quickly or slowly as you like.

Excuse #9 “Mature dating is too expensive”

If finding a fulfilling and rewarding relationship is a priority for you, you should prioritise it financially too. When you put the price of a a senior dating site subscription in perspective against even everyday costs like a cup coffee, going out for a dinner or the trip to the cinema, you’ll quickly see that the opportunity to connect with a large number of people isn’t high at all; especially considering the often invaluable relationship it could lead to.

Excuse #10 “I’m too busy to date”

Setting up an online dating profile, and chatting to potential dates doesn’t have to take up hours of your day. Mature dating online lets you pick and choose who you talk to, and who you spend your precious time dating. Finding time to date is all about honestly prioritising how important finding someone new is to you. If it is important, you will make the time.

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