If you’re an incorrigible foodie looking for someone to share your passion, then you’re in the right place. From cooking classes to gourmet meals and wine tasting—Ourtime organises gastronomic adventures for you to meet other epicureans and perhaps savour in a culinary romance!

Take a cooking class

If you’re a food lover, you probably already know how to cook—at least the basics! Perhaps you’re looking for an opportunity to improve your cooking skills and learn from real chefs. A culinary adventure without a companion is like having a bad meal! You need an enthusiastic partner by your side to really enjoy all those rich flavours and aromas. Learning is always more meaningful when you do it together. If you already have a food connoisseur in your life, then go and take a cooking class together! Otherwise, you can register to attend one of Ourtime’s cooking classes and get a chance to meet other 50+ singles whose palates are just as open as yours! British pork pies, umami-filled sushi, vegetarian appetisers, fresh seasonal one-pot dishes… You’ll find plenty of mouthwatering options for every palate and culinary school. So get ready! You may have to venture outside your comfort zone and do everything in the kitchen with your new friends—from prep to cooking and presentation—so everyone can taste fruits of your wonderful labour. It’s a bit like a cooking party where everybody shares their culinary ideas, passion and expertise.

All about wine

If you’re an enthusiastic wine lover or an aspiring sommelier wanting to meet new people, wine tasting should be on the top of your list! Pick a day where you’re both free and enjoy a day out! You can head to a winery on a gorgeous day and bond over a couple of glasses (or a bottle!) of your favourite wine. If you want to try something new—a blind wine tasting is always fun. If you’re a city person and don’t necessarily want to head out of town—book a wine tasting session at a local wine bar or at a fancy hotel. Share a few glasses with your sweetheart or perhaps you’ll meet someone special who also loves wine. Ourtime’s wine tasting activities are there for the taking—just follow our easy registration to get access! Sharing fine wines is visceral—other hedonists just like you do it for the sheer love of wine. So there’s no better moment to discover a special connection with someone else. Ourtime offers the perfect opportunity for you to make the perfect ‘pairing’ with your best match!

Learn cocktail-making

Looking for something bubbly and colourful? Enroll yourself in a cocktail-making activity. You’ll learn to make Martinis, Margaritas and Dirty Marys with your eyes closed! Learn to master the fine balance between ice, spirits, wines, juices, sugar and milk. Cocktail-making is the perfect time to stir up some romance and shake it with another aspiring mixologist. Get creative and fire up some cocktails! Stay tuned to Ourtime’s cocktail-making activities for 50+ singles. If you spot something appealing to your taste buds, get in the mix! You’ll be sure to find a match to savour intoxicating mixes.

Gourmet meal

Are you looking for a new place to thrill your taste buds? Perhaps some imaginative chefs to blow you away with their culinary creativity? Take your date on a gourmet meal! An eight-course meal, a classical dish with a modern twist or a seasonal culinary experience… There are so many options! London city or Berkshire county, Cartmel or Woodstock, Ludlow or Brighton, there’s no lack of amazing destinations for foodies in the UK. Take your sweetheart out to a neo-bistro, a cosy inn or luxury hotel—delicious food combined with romance will simply be out of this world. Delicate flavours, delicious company and gorgeous surroundings—what else are you waiting for?

Home chef

If you’re more the homebody, why not invite your new sweetheart to dinner for two? You’ll be cooking, of course! You’ll be the master creator—working your magic—finding the right ingredients, setting the mood, choosing the right music. This is your chance to master that family recipe you got from your great grandmother or to make that French souffle you tasted last winter in Paris. Get ready to build up your appetite and spice up your romance! If you’re a member of Ourtime, check out the activities we organise regularly throughout the UK for like-minded singles over 50. You may find an event to tickle your taste buds and quench your thirst for love.