Have you been on the senior dating scene for a while but haven’t yet found the partner of your dreams? You may have been dating singles with the wrong astrological sign. Even if you’re sceptical about horoscopes, having a look at which astrological signs you’re compatible with won’t hurt you…


As an Aries, you’re naturally energetic, honest and enthusiastic. You enjoy new challenges and adventures and are fiercely independent. You’re most suited to partners who know how to calm your quick temper, and reign in some of your foolhardy ventures as well as appreciate your courage, wit and joie de vivre.

Try mature dating with a: Leo, Sagittarius


As a Taurean, you have great strength of character. In contrast to your pragmatic and methodical approach to work, as a lover you’re warm-hearted, loving and sensuous. Some find you stubborn and inflexible but those who learn to love you soon recognise and value your steadfast and loyal companionship.

Try mature dating with: Virgo, Capricorn


As a Gemini, you place great value on the intellectual and cerebral but never at the expense of fun and humour. People recognise your brightness and you’re able to communicate your thoughts and ideas both eloquently and entertainingly. Those who love you are charmed by your youthful naivety and inquisitive mind.

Try mature dating with: Libra, Aquarius


As a Cancer, you’re hugely imaginative and intuitive. It’s your nature to nurture, care and protect those close to you be they friends, family or lovers. You tend to be ruled by your emotions so your ideal senior dating match is someone who can balance you out with their passion, warmth and determination.

Try mature dating with: Scorpio, Pisces


As a Leo, you’re self-assured, sincere and optimistic. Your word is your bond and you can always be relied upon. You’re always generous and take a broadminded approach to life. On the senior dating scene, you need a lover who admires and encourages your creative streak and has the strength of character to stand up to you when you’re being pompous or bossy.

Try mature dating with: Aries, Sagittarius


As a Virgo, you’re dependable, conscientious and modest. You have an analytical mind and strive for perfection in everything you do. Your ideal match is someone who can coax you out of your shell and help you shine, while at the same time temper your tendency to be overly self-critical.

Try mature dating with: Taurus, Capricorn


As a Libra, you’re the embodiment of the ultimate romantic. You love socialising and have a charming – some might even say flirtatious streak. Your congenial easy-going nature is great for putting potential matches at ease but you can sometimes come across as gullible and naive. If you’re mature dating, go after someone who shares your idealistic beliefs and that values romance just as much as you.

Try mature dating with: Gemini, Aquarius


As a Scorpio, you’re fearless and determined. If you set your mind to something, you’ll almost certainly achieve it and others can find this strength of will and courage of your conviction intimidating. You also have a wild and vivid imagination and are drawn to those older singles who aren’t afraid of your powerful and passionate nature.

Try mature dating with: Cancer, Pisces


As a Sagittarius, you have an adventurous streak and love to travel. You’re interested in experiencing everything life has to offer and take a broadminded view of most things without being too judgmental. Your ideal partner needs to be someone who shares your love of adventure and positive outlook.

Try mature dating with: Aries, Leo


As a Capricorn, you’re patient, enterprising and organised. You’re ambitious enough to make constructive decisions and moves to meet your life goals. You’re after someone who shares your great sense of humour but is also pragmatic and understands your prudent and disciplined side. They also need to be able to counterbalance your occasional lapses into misery and pessimism.

Try mature dating with: Taurus, Virgo


As an Aquarius, you’re sociable, communicative and independent. You’re also deeply rational and progressive in your thinking. You flout convention and others are drawn to you for your originality of thought and inventiveness. You’re most suited to fellow creative souls who understand and share your desire to be part of something new and exciting.

Try mature dating with: Gemini, Libra


As a Pisces, you’re sensitive, compassionate and self-sacrificing. You’re intuitive and sympathetic to the needs of others, but this can sometimes lead to people taking advantage of you. Your ideal senior match should be someone who is mindful of this and takes steps to avoid any abuse of your kind-hearted nature as well as someone who stops you when you’re being overly trusting and easily led.

Try mature dating with: Cancer, Scorpio

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