You’re over 50, single and looking for companionship and a meaningful connection with someone special. The question is, where do you look? We’ve written this handy guide to what to search for in a mature dating app so that you can find one that has been carefully created with young-at-heart singles over 50 like you in mind.

Which Are the Best Dating Apps for Over 50s?

Where you choose to start your search for that special someone is all-important to make sure that you’re on the same page. After all, you know what you’re looking for and are ready to meet that partner-in-crime and begin your adventure together, so it’s best to search somewhere you’ll meet like-minded singles, somewhere that has been carefully created to suit your dating style.

Here are our top tips for what to expect from your chosen mature dating app:

  • The opportunity for video conversation – The best dating apps for over 50s will give you the chance to enjoy some virtual quality time. Here at Ourtime, you’ll have access to video conversations and also to quality advice on how to make the most of these calls safely.
  • Verified profiles – Every profile picture and description on our app is carefully moderated,* meaning you can be more confident that you’re matching with serious singles securely.
  • Helpful recommendations – You’re welcome to browse through profiles to find someone fun, and we’ll also provide personalised suggestions for singles over 50 who we think might be just your cup of tea.
  • You’re in control – You know which traits you’re looking for in that special someone, so you should have the ability to decide whether or not you’d like to start a conversation with someone. On Ourtime, you can choose whether to respond to people who’ve liked your profile or politely decline an invitation to chat.
  • Designed for success – The over-50 years are a great time to be looking for someone special to share life with. You know what you want from a partner, are young at heart and ready to enjoy your best years. The right mature dating app for your journey will have been created with success in mind. That’s why at Ourtime, your profile is visible to over 50s who are members of our general dating services using the same platform.
  • Fun events – Meeting other like-minded singles over 50 face-to-face can be a great way to find someone to share life’s magical moments with. Show off your knowledge in one of our mind-boggling trivia quizzes, or prove you know your Merlot from your Malbec at a wonderful wine tasting. Ourtime activities take place across the UK, so you can meet people who share your interests nearby. If you’d prefer to, you can also invite up to three friends along with you to these events through our app.
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Should I Choose Free Mature Dating Apps?

It’s free to register with Ourtime, meaning that you’ll get the chance to create your profile and browse for other singles over 50. To help you to find someone who shares your hobbies, there’s also the opportunity to use criteria search to look for people with similar interests to your own. So, whether you’re a dedicated foodie, a passionate musician or a football fanatic, it’ll be easier to find that special someone to share life with.

Unlike many free mature dating apps, Ourtime offers some additional features that may also come in handy. For example, the Ourtime customer care team are available to help you with any dating queries you might have and to offer you support should you need it. Support also comes in the form of our helpful online dating coach, who’ll be happy to provide you with tips and advice so that your dating journey is a smooth one.

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How to Create a Profile on a Mature Dating App

There’s no need to be daunted; creating your profile is straightforward and the perfect opportunity to share a little about yourself and your passions. Follow this simple guide to craft your perfect profile:

  • Be yourself – The right special someone will be excited to get to know you exactly as you are and to share life’s adventures together, so don’t feel any pressure to pretend to be someone different.
  • Happy snaps – When you’re choosing which photos to add to your profile, opt for pics that show you clearly, are taken recently and are not blurry. Ideally, try to pick images that show your personality, too – for example, if you live to bake, perhaps add a photo of you in your culinary element.
  • Include your interests – Be sure to mention your favourite hobbies or subjects. If you love to travel, discuss that so that fellow travel enthusiasts will be able to find you more easily (have your passport at the ready!).
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Looking for Mature Men or Older Women on Dating Apps

Ourtime welcomes any singles over 50 who are looking for a meaningful connection. We’re happy to help people from all religions and cultures to find their partner-in-crime, and we have a great range of diverse singles for you to get to know as you look for that special someone. Whether you’re searching for mature men or older women on dating apps, you’ll be able to browse the profiles of plenty of like-minded singles. Using Blender, you’ll have a daily selection of 100 different profiles to peruse as you find someone to share life’s magical moments with.

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Register for Ourtime’s Mature Dating App

Ready to start your dating journey? This is an ideal time to start your search – 36% of British singles over 50 have already used online dating, so you’ll be in good company!

Meet interesting singles and find friendship and maybe more by registering on Ourtime for free today. Once you’ve clicked to register, simply set up your profile, add your favourite photos and you’re all set to start browsing. Happy dating!

*Every profile description and picture is moderated.