Could you tell us what made you want to try Ourtime?
I was looking for a dating site as the ones I have tried have not delivered. I think the name is well chosen for the target group. Not gimmicky, and with relevant meaning. Reviews were reasonably positive.
How would you describe your initial steps on the site? What are the features that gave you confidence, that you liked?
I found the process of the UK site refreshing, without the ominous feeling I have had when checking into some other second rate dating sites. I thought the information requested and the opportunities to write into the profile were well designed. I am impressed with the lack of irrelevant hype. I felt suitably supported (just within the site, the way it led me through the process) and felt the email responses were very quick and logical. I very much liked the degree to which I was welcome to explore before deciding whether to subscribe. Nothing worse than investing time and thought in a detailed profile set up to be met with a fog of blockages and incessant routings to the payment page, which is common elsewhere.
And if you had to convince those who are still reluctant to try online dating, what would you say to them?
I would say it is a great way to learn about yourself as well as have the opportunity to meet others to a degree not possible in offline social settings. I would encourage them to be selective yet with a positive expectation, both with choosing a site and choosing a date, as being undiscerning and negative can only lead to a bad outcome.