At 50+, you’ve decided to embark on the dating journey to find a new sweetheart: someone special who cares to share love and memorable moments. Of course, you already know all about falling in love… But you’re wondering what love feels like when you’re over 50. Is it the same as in your 20s? What will make your new relationship last? Ourtime gives you a crash course in the subject and introduces you to the faces of love in midlife.


Passion and love are not only for the young! This feeling of coming alive is not about age; it is a powerful storm that can happen at any moment. Remember that delicious rush in the pit of your stomach, an unexplained euphoria and a dreamlike state that envelops you when you least expect it? Does it all sound familiar to you? At 50+, just like at 20, you can fall in love just as strongly. And, yes, a new love can still thrill you, make you dream and feel alive! Always, it’s a rebirth. The early stages of love are just the same as in your early days. Who cares about the years passing by? It’s the encounter between two loving soul mates that counts, two like-minded persons with open-hearts falling in love. After 50, a couple’s relationship can also be built on these miraculous moments and the consuming desire to share everything together again… Forget your past experiences and embrace love in all its fullness!


Great sex is only for the young and beautiful…Really? One of the most common myths about seniors is that they suddenly stop having sex when they hit 50. Romance should say ‘farewell’ and platonic love should say ‘hello’… No more sex and fooling around? Not at all! Even after 50, your libido is still high and you have not lost your interest in sex. In fact, you now have more experience and expertise than ever before! You know perfectly what you want, what makes you feel good and how to make your lover feel even better…. You know all the pathways — from courting, the first kiss and the foreplay that crescendos to orgasm…Now is your chance to rediscover a fulfilling sex life! Invite your new partner to discover your fantasies and desires and don’t forget to listen to his.


After 50, you know how to love fully. You know about friendship and tenderness. You know how it is to feel a deep and sincere love toward someone. Love is also friendship and tenderness. You know how to listen attentively, how to understand deeply, how to evoke genuine interest in the other. Tenderness is key in every lasting relationship at 50+. It is the herald of the true face of love settling in, day to day and year after year. Tenderness is perfectly compatible with passion and sex. It is the serenity that brings balance to the relationship and creates harmony between the mind and the body.

Free love

Your experience of love and life have taught you that the key for a successful relationship is free love! We’re not talking about polygamy here: we’re referring to a relationship where each of you knows how to live freely together and love each other while respecting each other’s freedom. When you’re over 50, you stop projecting on your new love your fantasy of the ideal partner. You know how to love your partner for themselves. Free love comes from respect — self-respect and respect for others, respect for your freedom and acceptance of your different personalities. Learning to love freely also means getting together to enjoy life without feeling any pressure. When you’re 50+, you don’t necessarily have the same concerns about the future you had in your 20s… You may not expect anything else from your new partner, but to share delicious moments and exciting conversations. This is truly your time to love life together. So, celebrate the new adventure! Embrace free love and let the love light shine!

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