It’s been a few years since you were last searching for a new date, you’re wiser and more experienced for it, and there are a number of definite benefits to mature dating you have to look forward to:
1. Your date will be more interesting

Singles over 50 have experienced life; often they’ve travelled the world, seen and done a whole host of different activities; this history makes them fascinating company – you’ll never want for interesting conversation. It’s refreshing to be able to get to know someone based upon what they’ve actually honestly made of their life thus far, as opposed to their younger less experienced counterparts.

2. You’ll have more in common

Date someone significantly younger than you, and you just won’t have the same cultural reference points – and it’s often a bigger issue than it might first appear to be. Mature dating with someone who has grown up through the same eras as you makes you both privy to a books, music, film, art and all those things you love to replay and reminisce, and also sets you up well to get to know each other better.

3. They don’t want to compete with you

It’s easier to be inspired by someone who’s been through similar circumstances to your own, at a comparable time, and you’ve both accomplished enough for neither of you to have something to prove. Not only can you rely on each other for sage advice, but you’re also far more likely to support each other in your future goals and ambitions.

4. They’ve learnt from their mistakes

Okay, mature dating singles undoubtedly carry the types of baggage that comes with age, but don’t let that put you off, since you’ll be reaping the rewards of lessons learnt. The fact you’ve both had past serious relationships means you both have a deeper understanding of what it takes to make one work happily, and can apply that to your time together.

5. They have stature and self-confidence

They naturally command the kind of authority that only comes with age. Whether it comes down to securing the service you want or maneuvering around in social situations , a man or a woman with an air of self-confidence is will thrive – and that’s a potent aphrodisiac.

6. They’re great in bed

Older lovers make brilliant bedfellows. With all that previous experience, they know what to do and how to do it (as well as what not to). Their sexual prowess will also help to ensure things never getting boring under the covers. Lucky you!

7. They think you’re fabulous…and tell you

There’s less game playing in mature dating because the older lover is far more emotionally available than their younger counterparts – and that’s a trait worth treasuring. The wisdom of age means they’re more forthcoming in telling you how they feel about you, so enjoy it.

8. It’s mental age that matters

While things like abdominal muscles and shimmering hair can come and go, the character and intelligence of singles on the mature dating scene continues to improve with age. Senior dating someone in your age group will help spare you those forgettable errors of immaturity and give you someone easily able to relate to.

9. They’re responsible and well-mannered

One of the great joys of senior dating is that your date will usually respect and honour some good old-fashioned values that you both grew up with. They might still embarrass you in front of your friends but will always make sure you get home safe.

10. They’re less needy

The older partner accepts that they’re not perfect, but are often more comfortable in their own skin and won’t require constant reassurance and social validation that lots of us unwittingly did in our youth. It’s a welcome relief when you can be authentic around each other.

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