With summer and warmer temperatures just around the corner, there’s no excuse for you to keep dating indoors. From summer picnics to outdoors film screenings, there are plenty of outdoors ideas – tried and tested on the dating scene – that you can try on your next date.

1. What a performance!

Enjoy the summer nights with a spot of outdoor theatre. Show your date your cultured side by checking local listings magazines for performances in the square, park or the village bandstand. Or do it properly by heading to Shakespeare’s Globe or The Scoop by Southbank, Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre or the stunning Minack Theatre in Cornwall.

2. Go on a picnic

We all know that there’s nothing more romantic than a picnic out in the fresh air. A picnic is a perfect idea which doesn’t get old, so surprise your date with a hamper full of their favourite food and a nice bottle of wine, then take them to enjoy sundown in the park or by the river. If you live in a built-up area, find a rooftop garden to lay out your blanket instead. You’ll get top marks for originality.

3. Wild(life) night out

Heading to London Zoo for Zoo Nights or to Lates at the Natural History Museum. With comedy, excellent food stalls, atmospheric fossils or a chance to feed the animals, you and your date are bound to have a wild time. If you live outside of London, check your local zoo or safari park to see if they offer any late-night events in the summer.

4. Light my fire

What better way to set sparks flying than to show off your barbecuing skills? Source some local meat and veg to show your ethical side, then unleash your inner caveman/woman and get the fire going. Any date is bound to be impressed that you went to all that effort just for them, and you’ll fall for their tact when they describe your burnt bangers as ‘caramelised’.

5. Baby, you can drive my car

If you’ve been on a few dates already, why not offer to give your new love interest a spin in your wheels? Whether you’ve got an open-top Mercedes or a humble push-bike, your date is bound to be touched by a carefully-planned tour of your favourite local beauty spots.

6. Take your date to a concert

If music is the food of love, there’s no better way to kick-start a romance than by swaying along to your favourite band together. Concerts are a timeless classic in dating, so pick one outdoors and bond over music.

7. In the same boat

Whether you’re taking to the high seas in a yacht or sharing a pedalo on a pond in the park, taking your senior date to the water is a fabulous way to make the most of the summer sun. Getting from A to B will give you a common goal, and once you’ve worked up a sweat together you’ll feel all the more deserving of a drink afterwards.

8. Taking the plunge

Stripping off in front of your new flame for the first time might be a daunting prospect when dating, but a swimming date will keep you cool when temperatures soar. Head to an open-air pool, lido or swimming hole, bask in the sunshine and splash around in the water together – just remember to take a cold shower afterwards.

9. Horse play

There’s something enduringly romantic about the idea of being swept off our feet by a white knight on a noble steed. But as horse riding is enjoyed by both men and women these days, why not hire a couple of beauties and go for a gentle trot in the great outdoors? Not only will you soak up the sunshine and get an elevated view of the scenery, but doing something active will help get those endorphins flowing.

10. Clifftop cruising

A timeless classic. Head out to the seaside with your date and watch the waves with your date. What’s worked for centuries is just as applicable to dating today as it was back then! Wander over the cliffs together gazing out into the horizon and share a well earned ice or cup of tea in a quaint teahouse.

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