Ourtime Activities for singles over 50: how does it work?

At Ourtime, we’re convinced that finding love after 50 is an achievable aspiration. We know it’s not easy to start dating after a relatively long period of being single, a divorce, or other ups and downs of life which have led you to be unattached. Unless you are an involved member of various clubs and societies, the opportunities to meet people aren’t so frequent. And although the Internet has become more social, nothing beats a shared moment to bring people closer together and form a real bond. This is why we organise events and activities especially for singles over 50, who have a certain amount of life experience in common, and who, like you, are looking for a new connection.

It’s really easy to join:

  • Register for free at Ourtime.co.uk
  • Go to the ‘Activities’ section
  • Select the activity that appeals to you in the nearest city and RSVP.

Singles outings, dinners, workshops, weekend trips and travel await you. Sharing great moments together is the best way of getting to know new people, and maybe even meet someone you’ve already been chatting with for the past few weeks.

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The time is now, live in the moment!

The run-up to an event is always exciting, but it’s no use getting apprehensive and questioning yourself for hours on end. Smart but comfortable attire, a bit of make-up and your favourite fragrance can help you feel confident chatting with other singles. The most important thing is to be yourself and try to feel as relaxed as possible. Tell yourself that first and foremost you are there to enjoy yourself and have a good time.

Living in the moment also means not rushing in. Taking one’s time is very important for an enduring relationship to form between experienced individuals who have previously lived a different life. Everyone can have doubts and pre-conceived ideas and tie knots in their heads over what the other person meant, or how you should react to them. What’s important is to be authentic and make the most of the enjoyable time meeting new people, without any pressure to rush into anything. Take the time to chat and listen to the experiences and expectations of other singles you meet at the events and activities offered by Ourtime.

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The importance of getting out again

After 50, being single is often associated with sofas and slippers rather than nights out. There is a tendency to say to yourself ‘that’s for the youngsters’, and that, in any case, you don’t stand a chance, so why bother? Getting out is however the best way of regaining your self-confidence, especially after several years of being single or in a previous unhappy relationship. A new year, a new season or a firm resolution to change things in your life are excellent opportunities for you to have a(nother) go at the game of seduction at a singles evening event or outing. Are you 50, 60, older? So what? We create our own opportunities, and the contacts that could be established through Ourtime are much more interesting when participating in an activity, an outing or an evening event together… which, we hope, will take you much further.