Ourtime UK is a dating site that puts no limits when it comes to finding love. Why should first dates, walks in the park and cinema visits be any less romantic simply because you have reached a so-called ‘certain age’ or because you enjoy the company of older people? Thanks to the artificially intelligent search engine, Ourtime works as a great and effective dating site to meet older partners in the UK. Once you log on, the search engine uses filters which allow you to narrow down your search results by specifying your desired partner’s profession, age (over 50), gender and location.

Thanks to these filters, Ourtime allows you to date older singles with shared interests and notifies you about local activities where you can meet other suitable older Ourtime members.

In this article, we answer some FAQs and soothe some anxieties you may be feeling when it comes to using Ourtime as a site to meet older dating partners in the UK in 2021.

How do I know if I am ready to start online dating?

There are a plethora of reasons as to why you may want to start dating older singles. You may be widowed, divorced or have gone through a bad break up in recent years. On the other hand you may have been single for the majority of your life and are now deciding to start dating as an older person. Whatever the reason, it’s important to ask yourself if you are emotionally ready to start dating. Depending on your situation there are steps you can take to ensure that you are emotionally prepared. For example, if you are widowed or divorced it could be worth undertaking some counselling before you take the leap. The same goes for if your last or major relationship involved abuse of some kind. You will know in your gut whether you have truly moved on from your previous relationship and are thus ready to start a fresh chapter. When you genuinely feel like this is the case, then now is the time to start dating.

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How do I sign up to Ourtime?

It truly is very simple; register online and create an online dating profile that reflects your authentic personality via a strong profile photo and intriguing yet concise bio. Once you sign up, Ourtime provides a fun and relaxing community environment where you can meet interesting people either online or at dedicated activities local to you and other older singles. The site offers profiles who match your interests, location and search criteria, so you can be sure you have plenty in common. Ourtime also offers a safe online chat feature before you decide to take the plunge and meet them in real life.

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How do I communicate with my friends and family that I am dating?

In some cases, older singles find that their family isn’t always keen for them to start a new relationship. This is particularly the case for children who have witnessed a divorce or recently lost a parent. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that you too have gone through this trauma and were at the centre of the receiving end of the past’s occurrences. Ultimately, if dating new people is what would make you feel happy and more likely to move on then this should be the priority. Try your best to communicate this to your loved ones and explain that you’re not being selfish but simply embracing future realities and possibilities.

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How can I stay safe while dating older persons online?

Ourtime prides itself on its safety features which thoroughly scan each registered profile as accurately as possible. However, no matter how safe a dating site is, it can still feel daunting when meeting this relative stranger in person for the first time. In order to ensure maximum safety and ease any anxieties you may have, always try and meet your date in public spaces such as cafés and daytime parks for the first few dates. It could also be worth telling a loved one where you are going and what time you are due back home so that they can call and check up on you. Most importantly, it is best not to accept a lift from the person, go home with them, or take them to your home until you’re sure about them.

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I like dating older people, how can I get involved?

Perhaps you are looking to meet older dating partners in the UK not because you yourself are a senior but because you enjoy the romantic company of more senior singles. Ourtime is a dating site tailored to singles over 50 however this doesn’t mean that if you’re 55 you can’t find a perfect match who is 78 and so on. Ourtime puts no bounds on love!

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Can I meet older dating partners online if I am gay or lesbian?

As previously stated, Ourtime puts no bounds on love and thus caters to older partners of many sexualities. It is beautiful to witness society embracing homsexuality more and more by the decade so if you find yourself to be a queer single over 50, then Ourtime is the dating site for you to.

Furthermore, because of society’s growing acceptance of homosexuality, as an older single you may find that you have started to have feelings towards people of your own gender for the first time, or perhaps you haven’t felt free to express your sexuality before. If this is the case, you may find it helpful to talk to someone about how you feel. This can be through counselling or even through talking to another queer single on Ourtime. If the latter applies, however, ensure to be as respectful as possible and try not to treat their queerness as a guinea pig trial for your own sexuality as they most likely do not want to be solely defined by their homosexuality.

So, what have you got to lose? Join Ourtime today!