Britt and Mark

What encouraged you to sign up to Ourtime?
I joined to avoid the young children and younger women. As a child of older parents and having lost my father as a schoolboy, I did not want to be an old dad to a ten year old, for example. I wanted the children to be much older, if there were any, which Britt did have but they were both post 20. God had also brought us to a place where we were ready to move on from past pain; myself as a widower and Britt as a divorcee. We had both tried other sites, mainly Christian ones, without success.
What were your first impressions of the site? Which aspects gave you the most confidence?
The categories were well-defined and I was able to be very specific about what I wanted. I liked the Wave idea as, having been out of the dating game for many years, you never quite know how to start a conversation so a wave is good and gentle way of signifying interest. It is also polite.
When did you meet?
October 6th 2017. I booked a table for dinner at the London Street Brasserie in Reading. I had some very good advice from a friend of mine. Never take flowers on a first date. Book somewhere close to her home so she does not have to travel far. Don’t pick her up at home but meet at a neutral venue. Make sure you pay for the meal; don’t go halves. That way, even if the date is not a success, she will think you a gentleman and think well of you even if you never see her again.
What particularly attracted you to him/her?
Sh was a Christian, blonde and drop-dead gorgeous
What are some of the things you enjoy doing together?
We both love Jesus and that was so key for both us so being able to worship and pray together. We have the same taste in music – 80’s Indie and all that stuff We love food and dining, something Brit had not had before in her previous relationship. We love nature, outdoors and gardening. We love seashells and walking on beaches.
And what about your daily lives? Do you live together, or have any plans for the future?
We got married one year and one week after we met on October 13th 2018. We sold both our houses last year and bought our first marital home in Calcot near Reading in August last year. We have since spent the time putting our stamp on it.
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