Joanna & Dave

What encouraged you to sign up to Ourtime?
Friends kept encouraging me to go on a dating site to meet a new man but I kept saying ‘oh no, it’s not for me to meet a special someone that way, if it’s going to happen it will and if it’s meant to be, it will happen’. In deed, after losing my partner very suddenly, 4.5 years ago, I had resigned myself to being a widower for the rest of my life. I was put on furlough from my job and was bored one evening so thought ‘I can’t knock it unless I’ve tried it, why not have a go?!’.
What were your first impressions of the site? Which aspects gave you the most confidence?
I don’t recall.
When did you meet?
I talked on line to a few people, some conversations just fizzled out, some men I met with. I found a real connection with one particular chap, whom, after some very deep conversations over a few weeks, we decided we wanted each other in our lives in some capacity. Both of us felt we had a connection, but more as buddies, mates, friends and felt we ought to meet so that we knew whether this was to be a genuine friendship or would we dislike each other or find that we couldn’t speak as candidly in person as we had on line.
What particularly attracted you to him/her?
When we met in person, it was like a thunderbolt! Instant! Both of us were taken completely by surprise and couldn’t quite believe we had feelings we’d had when we met our soul mates, both of whom we’d lost to illness.
What are some of the things you enjoy doing together?
Talking, walking, socialising with friends and family, equally as being alone together.
And what about your daily lives? Do you live together, or have any plans for the future?
We both work full time, have our own properties and have busy lives with friends and families. We come together most weekends and are planning our 1st Xmas as a couple and a special birthday for one of us next year (COVID allowing).