Tina and Neil

What encouraged you to sign up to Ourtime?
Age appropriate men close to home
What were your first impressions of the site? Which aspects gave you the most confidence?
I was able to meet men in my area and that made a chance of a relationship real
When did you meet?
On the site September 2019. We met in person in October as he was just about to have a 6 week holiday a few days after we introduced ourselves. We met in a garden centre cafe a week after he returned
What particularly attracted you to him/her?
He was chatty, friendly and there was something honest about him. Nothing was hard work with him, everything just seemed to fall into place easily
What are some of the things you enjoy doing together?
Love travel, outdoors, cinema and fine dining
And what about your daily lives? Do you live together, or have any plans for the future?
We are soul mates and despite a few blips we know we will be together forever (once Covid is out of the way!)