Ourtime UK is a senior dating site that puts no limits when it comes to finding love. Why should first dates, walks in the park and cinema visits be any less romantic simply because you have reached a so-called ‘certain age’? Thanks to the artificially intelligent search engine, Ourtime works as a great and effective senior dating site. Once you log on, the search engine uses filters which allow you to narrow down your search results by specifying your desired partner’s profession, age (over 50), gender and location.

Thanks to these filters, Ourtime allows you to meet senior singles with shared interests and notifies you about local activities where you can meet other suitable senior Ourtime members.

In this article, we answer some FAQs and soothe some anxieties you may be feeling when it comes to online senior dating as an over 50 in 2021.

Why should I join Ourtime?

Ourtime is a fun and relaxing community environment which puts no pressure into you finding a potential match. The chat feature is very safe and allows you to get to know your potential partner and our in person activities help to develop that person to person connection when you’re ready. In between these stages, Ourtime allows you to video chat with your potential match allowing for an intimate connection before you’re ready to take the big first date leap.

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But I thought online dating was for young people?

Particularly in recent years, it has felt easier for even the young among us to fall into a cycle of nostalgia; ah the good old days where coffee house dates were the norm and we didn’t have a need to be fluent in emoji. However, times have changed and there is only good to come from embracing that fact. In fact according to Forbes, a study from April 2021 has shown that the reduced fear of technology and fear of meeting someone over the Internet among over 50s has resulted in 29 percent of seniors having been on a date with someone they met online through a dating website.

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How likely am I to actually find someone?

Ourtime has welcomed thousands of senior daters based in the UK who are looking for love online and the list is growing every day. Online dating is also a great way to meet people from outside your regular social circle. Of course, we can’t promise anything set in stone; there are always some factors left to chance and each partner has to put in equal human effort. However, Ourtime member profiles are inspected to ensure every one of them is both authentic and genuine, to give our members the best online dating experience. Privacy and security are taken very seriously on the site so Ourtime is protected and secure to keep your personal information and details safe. Alongside contacting members you’d like to get to know you have the option to blacklist those profiles you might prefer not to receive messages from.

I’m not who I was at 30 and my attitudes towards relationships have changed

That’s perfectly natural and understandable. The beautiful thing about dating other seniors is that more often than not, over 50s will understand this and most likely will have gone through something similar. Ourtime gives you the perfect way to meet new people who have been through something similar to you, and, like you, are ready to meet new people with the same outlook on life.

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What tips do you have to help me set up an all-round attractive profile?

So you want to have a great profile and attract some potential senior matches but remember, it doesn’t stop here. You also want to make great continuous use of your account in order to develop a great connection. Let’s break down profile creation and use into five simple steps

  1. Your photo should be friendly
    If you’re reading this and insecure that your photo won’t be attractive because you’re no longer 25 then think again. Say this out loud: seniors are sexy. Yes, that’s right! We no longer live in an outdated era where women and men are expected to look like a grandparent from a Disney movie in cosy knitwear the second they turn fifty. Modern day celebrities from Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston to George Clooney and Brad Pitt are proving that aging like a fine wine with confidence and swagger can make you even more attractive than you were in your 20s and 30s. Ask someone close to you to take your profile photo as they’ll likely capture you at your truest self since they make you feel comfortable. Avoid too-posey or too-cutesy shots. Instead opt for friendly, smiley and wear an outfit that reflects your lifestyle and artistic flair!
  2. Your bio should be intriguing and authentic
    So, who are you in a nutshell? You’re a well-rounded, fully matured, intellectual that’s who! Now, let’s get a little more niche. What are your best qualities and top interests? Write two to three bullet points for each. Keep it concise but punchy so that potential matches are intrigued to ask more.
  3. You should be reaching out
    Once your profile is complete, it’s worth reaching out and saying hi to profiles you also find intriguing or seem like the right match for you. Making the first move is always a turn on no matter what your gender so bite the bullet and throw a wave their way.
  4. You should be asking and answering questions
    If that potential match should wave back, strike up a conversation! Share in your experiences and interests. Perhaps you’re both widowed and also enjoy old Hollywood movies or maybe you’re two divorcees who are fans of Frida Kahlo and modern Latin America art in general. Let the fellow senior get to know you and you get to know them and see where it takes you.
  5. Make that move, right now baby!
    Did you like that Shalamar reference? Once you have developed that connection why not take a leap and ask your match on a date? We recommend asking them on date within the window of a week or two since first communicating. Some seniors leave it too long and then somehow miss the window of the opportunity and it can feel too late. Too early however (i.e after just one or two messages) can feel too hasty. So strike while the iron’s hot!

So, what’s there to lose? Join Ourtime today!