Alison and Dave

What encouraged you to sign up to Ourtime?
I wanted to find somebody like minded and similar in age and after doing my research, I felt that Ourtime could be what I was looking for.
What were your first impressions of the site? Which aspects gave you the most confidence?
I was pleasantly surprised by the number of profiles available to me and I was excited to explore them further.
When did you meet?
I messaged him the day after I joined Ourtime. His profile statement made me feel really sad for him because he’d clearly had some bad experiences with women on the site so I messaged him, just to say that he seemed like a really nice, genuine guy and I hoped he’d find what he was looking for. We met two days later and have been together ever since!
What particularly attracted you to him/her?
His profile statement was honest, genuine, warm and funny and I knew instantly that he was one of the good guys.
What are some of the things you enjoy doing together?
We have lots in common – music, walking, eating out etc but we genuinely connected instantly and can just be together in our own little bubble because we get on so well.
And what about your daily lives? Do you live together, or have any plans for the future?
We live together now and do, at some point, intend getting married. He truly is the love of my life.