Encourage them to start mature dating

All they might need is a supportive and kindly word to encourage them to start dating again. It’s likely they’ve been out of the dating game for a while, so they’ll be thankful for your positivity and encouragement to get into older dating. Without even realising, upsetting you might be one of the reasons your parent has been telling themselves it’s easier not to date, so put their mind at rest, just in case. Let them you you’ll be there to support them through their senior dating journey.

Have a brainstorm about potential dates

If your parent has only had one serious long-term relationship, they might understandably be feeling confused about what kind of person they’re looking for all this time later. It’s likely priorities will have changed over time; from having and raising a family to pursuing shared loves and interests. This is completely normal and singles involved in the senior dating community usually have similar relationship goals in mind, which makes it easier to find someone likeminded. In a lighthearted and pressure-free environment, ask your parent to consider what they’d want from a new partner to encourage them into a positive dating mindset.

Discuss their dating options

Looking for love can be daunting enough the first time around, so don’t blame your parent if they’re not head-over-the-heels impatient to launch into senior dating! Online dating will probably be a completely new and exciting prospect for them, so guide them through the important stages of setting up a profile, choosing photos and writing a bio on an over 50’s dating site .You should also take this chance to brief them on staying safe online.

Let them date at their own pace

The way the younger generations date is very different to the dating scene your parent might have known. While we might be happy messaging lots of potential suitors or going speed dating, respect that your parent might just want to ease into senior dating more slowly. Stay up to date with their dating journey, but don’t put unnecessary pressure on them to move at the same speed as you or your friends might. Many in the mature dating community feel and date in the same way.

Reassure them that mature dating is a positive thing

Senior dating shouldn’t be rushed or an afterthought in your parent’s life. Put the importance of finding a healthy, loving relationship into perspective; at the age of 50 and beyond there’s a good chance a relationship will last decades, often longer than any previous relationship they’ve been in – this is an important, positive and exciting prospect, so it’s important to get it right. Stay interested in their older dating journey, support them from first message to first date and beyond until they find what they’re looking for.

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