Adam and Elaine

What encouraged you to sign up to Ourtime?
It was the first dating site that specialised for the over 50’s that I found
What were your first impressions of the site? Which aspects gave you the most confidence?
I was dubious at first but thought what the hell it was only £10 a month
When did you meet?
I met Elaine in November she was the first date that I had been on for years and we hit it off straight away. I think it helps knowing about someone first so that you know what you have in common. We have been inseparable since our first date
What particularly attracted you to him/her?
She looked amazing in the pics
What are some of the things you enjoy doing together?
Our first date lasted 11 hours, we just laughed and enjoyed each others company. On the first date I did book the i360 in Brighton with a glass of sparkling wine. Since then we have done London and loads of other things
And what about your daily lives? Do you live together, or have any plans for the future?
We do not live together yet because its only been 5 weeks but we have booked a holiday abroad