If this is your first foray into online dating, or you’ve been out of the dating game for a little while, you’re
If you can cook up a storm, the way to your date’s heart is through their stomach. Serving a delicious meal shows
When a relationship comes to a close, particularly slightly later on in life, many of us wonder how long we should
With summer and warmer temperatures just around the corner, there’s no excuse for you to keep dating indoors. From
Have you been on the senior dating scene for a while but haven’t yet found the partner of your dreams? You may have
Commandment 1: Thou shalt tell the truth It can be tempting to polish the truth about yourself when you set up your
It’s common for what we find attractive to slowly change over time, all the way from teenage to senior dating. While
You may have the best profile on the online mature dating block, but you won’t get many dates if you can’t flirt
If you’ve been mature dating and secured a dinner date, it’s time for you to wine, dine and shine in front of your
From your friends to your colleagues to your neighbour’s cat, you’re probably receiving unsolicited advice from
Falling in love for the first time is great, but falling in love for the second time is even better. Why? Because
If you’ve been mature dating and have found someone you’d like to enter some sort of more meaningful relationship -
Learn love lessons about mature dating...through your pet? Bizarre as it might sound, the unconditional and relaxed
Encourage them to start mature dating All they might need is a supportive and kindly word to encourage them to start
It’s been a few years since you were last searching for a new date, you’re wiser and more experienced for it, and
After my divorce, my dating skills were very rusty. I didn’t have a clue where to meet good quality men on the older
If you’re newly single, or if you’ve been on the mature dating scene for a little longer, you’re sure to have
1. Older dating is more mature Singles over 50 are well versed in relationships and are far more realistic about their