Getting back into the dating loop after a break that has lasted years or even decades is bound to pose its challenges. Bring age into the mix and starting to date again over 50 can feel like a whole different kettle of fish. Modern society encourages us to believe that past 50 we have to be a celebrity with millions in the bank to be attractive and that, otherwise, we are somehow going to struggle to find companionship. This just isn’t the case! Ourtime is here to give some dating advice for men and women over 50 who are looking to get back in the game and find their special someone.

How to Start Dating Again After 50

As a single over 50, you may have taken a break from dating for a variety of reasons; perhaps you are recently divorced, widowed or you simply weren’t ready or in the mood to date. There’s no need to justify your reasoning – the only proof you need to start dating again is that you feel emotionally ready.

Ourtime is a dating site tailored to over 50s that helps singles find and build meaningful connections. Another great thing about Ourtime is that the criteria search engine allows you to check out the geographical proximity of your future partner in crime, as well as various qualities from age and nationality to interests. Age aside, your special someone should fit in well with your lifestyle, and you with theirs, so don’t be afraid to make the most of the criteria search!

Best Advice for Dating Over 50

If you’re looking to start dating again after 50, there can often be a variety of holdbacks that present themselves and can crush your confidence when it comes to finding someone fun. The best advice we can give you is to feel confident in yourself, so here is a range of reasons and questions that may be holding you back from either starting or continuing to look for love online as a single person over 50 and ways to ease any anxieties that they cause.

I Went on One or Two Online Dates and They Were Awful… Why Should I Continue?

Don’t let a couple of bad dates hold you back – remember, bad dates are not exclusive to online dating. You’ve likely experienced awkward dates while meeting singles in person (and count yourself lucky if you haven’t!). Well, online dating is no different. Most of us will have to taste a few sour batches before we taste something sweet. Of course, if you have experienced a few unsuccessful dates and need a mental break for a month, go for it! The beauty of dating over 50 on Ourtime is that it puts you in control of who you want to speak to and when you want to meet them.

I’m Wondering How to Find a Partner at 50

The idea that the online dating pool is pretty much only made up of younger people is a huge misconception. While more young people tend to gravitate to online dating than over 50s, this isn’t to say that the online dating world should exclude the needs of singles over 50. However, we understand why this preconception exists, as just over a decade ago online dating was viewed by many over 50s as the last resort for those who had “failed” at finding a relationship the “normal” way.

As time evolves, this idea is becoming more and more outdated, and online dating is now the first resort for many to meet local singles. Sites such as Ourtime are specifically catered for the needs of men and women over 50, so you won’t be distracted by other noise that perhaps doesn’t take your lifestyle needs into consideration.

Online Dating Seems So Modern. I’m More of a Traditional Romantic

Another view that has tended to manifest about online dating is that rather than finding romance, many people use online dating sites to find sex and that the goal of finding monogamy and commitment has been replaced by a desire to find immediate pleasure and a no-hassle arrangement. Again, this may be true for some sites that are tailored towards that lifestyle or goal. Ourtime instead promises to introduce you to like-minded and local serious singles. You’re in control of finding the romance and spontaneity that you desire.

Furthermore, a relationship that started online doesn’t translate to a relationship that sacrifices romance. Say you end up spending two years dating someone you met on Ourtime – the first date would just be one of many where you would build a variety of memories. In other words, just because the first date was online doesn’t mean that the 30th date can’t be spent at a bistro on a weekend trip to Paris. The meet-cute is only the beginning; the rest is built on authentic romance and desire.

I’m Not Perfect. Why Would Anyone Online Be Interested in a Divorcee/Widow/Senior?

First of all, we all have our insecurities, regardless of age, gender or location. Remember when you were 15 and perhaps you thought no one would want to date you because your nose was too big or you felt you were too short or your hair wasn’t soft enough? Well, in some ways, the anxieties and insecurities you are feeling now are just as valid as the ones you experienced in your teens in the sense that most people won’t even be thinking of them but they manifest in our own minds and thus feel like huge hurdles to get over.

Another high point of using Ourtime is that most people share these insecurities since most singles over 50 have gone through multiple difficult breakups, a divorce or have recently become widowed. Authenticity and openness are crucial here, and when we show our vulnerable side, it often makes us appear more lovable. Some of our best dating advice for women and men over 50 is that if you are worried about your marital status and other things, talk about them with your special someone and ask if they have ever felt the same. Sharing in this vulnerability is bound to build a deep connection in the form of friendship and maybe more.

If you feel ready to get back into dating, set up your account now with Ourtime to meet like-minded singles over 50.

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